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Professor Ha Tutoring Center

About Us

Since 1991, the Professor Ha Tutoring Center is proud to serve the local community with out afterschool tutoring, test preparation and summer enrichment programs. We teach all subjects for all grade levels - from Pre-school to College.  


Experienced Teachers

The Center was founded by Professor Ha, who has over 45 years of teaching experience in all levels of education. Out staff is made up of knowledgeable and enthusiastic teachers. Each of us is committed to helping our students understand their lessons and complete all assignments. We work together as a team to ensure that the Center remains the place where students can get all the help they need.   


Personalized Tutoring

During the academic school year, we offer afterschool homework help and test preparation. We assist our students with all subjects and we follow their school curriculum closely. During the summer months, we offer the Summer Enrichment Program and help the students study ahead for next year.  


Our Services

Homework Assistance

Homework Assistance

Homework Assistance


We provide a comfortable environment for the students to work on their school assignments. Our tutors can explain new concepts, go-over problem solving methods, proof-read essays and help the students prepare for exams.  

Test Preparation

Homework Assistance

Homework Assistance


It is never too early to start preparation for major tests. The Professor Ha Tutoring Center has had over 25 years of experience in providing material review and study instruction for the HSPT, the SAT 1 & 2, the ACT, and all AP Tests.  

Summer Enrichment

College Planning and Counseling

College Planning and Counseling


Students who stay active academically during the summer will have a head start over the peers for the coming school year. Our 2 - month enrichment program is designed to help the students shore up their foundation and develop good study habits. 

College Planning and Counseling

College Planning and Counseling

College Planning and Counseling


Success in college starts in grade school. We can help students develop a plan to get into the school of their choice, write the college entrance essays and complete their applications. We will prepare them for the challenges of going to college far from home. 

How to Register



Please give us a call at  (510) 521 - 2999  or email us at ProfessorHaTutoring@gmail.com to set up a meeting at the Center. 

Meet and Greet

During the meeting, we will show you around the Center and go over what we can do to help your child. Please let us know of your child's specific needs and goals. 

Sign Up

Please fill out a registration form. You will have the opportunity to choose the services and the weekday schedule. Our enrollment is month to month. 

Show Up

Our tutors will be expecting the students when they arrive at the Center afterschool. We will immediately get to work on the homework assignments. The students can ask us questions on any topic they've learned at school that day. 

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