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Professor Ha Tutoring Center

Summer Enrichment


Class Detail

The 2019 Summer Enrichment Program will run from June 17 to August 16. This two months course is designed to help the students shore up their foundation, study ahead and stay productive during the summer. Each day, the students will work in a small group of similar level on a variety of lessons and activities. Each group is supervised by an experienced teacher.  We also provide a small homework package for the weekends.

Class Schedule

The class meets 4 days a week, from Monday through Thursday.

There is a morning class from 9 AM to 12 noon, and an afternoon class from 3 pm to 6 pm.

The two classes are identical and you can send your child to either one.

We actually open the Center at 8:15 AM on the weekdays so parents who work can drop off their child early. 

Class Structure

This is a sample of a typical class day:


   · The students will start each day with 15 minutes of journal writing, or working on a math problem challenge on the chalk board.   

   · 30 - 35 minutes of Math study, including instructions and practice.
    · 10 minutes break
    · 30 - 35 minutes of English, including Grammar, Writing and Reading lessons.   

   · 10 minutes break

   · 30 to 35 minutes of a Science lesson. We perform a group experiment every week.

   · 10 minutes break

   · 20 to 25 minutes of special activities such as Play Acting, Group Projects and Puzzle Contest. 


How to Sign Up

We start enrolling students for our Summer Enrichment Program at the beginning of April. If your child is a new student, please come by our Center to fill out a registration form to reserve a spot. We ask for the tuition fee before the start of the course. The fee can be paid completely in advance, or in two installments. We can also pro-rate it if the case the student will miss time for vacation or other commitment.