1316 Oak St., Alameda, CA 94501, US

(510) 521-2999

Professor Ha Tutoring Center

Test Preparation


Test Covered

_ PSAT                   _ SAT 1                   _  SAT 2

_ HSPT                                   _ ISEE                   

_ GED                                     _ ACT                       

_ AP Chemistry                _ AP Physics                       

_ AP English                       _ AP Statistics                     

_ AP Government           _ AP Biology  

_ AP Calculus AB              _ AP Calculus BC

_ AP World History        _ AP U.S. History

_ AP Euro History           _AP Environmental Science            

Class Schedule

We have a SAT class from 10 am to 12 noon every Saturday. For all the other tests, we will work with the student individually twice a week. 

Class Structure

During the SAT class, the students will work in a small group. Each day, we give a lecture on important points and strategies. We then give out practice problems designed to improve efficiency and accuracy.